Chapel Blues EP

by Chapel Blues

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Our first release, recorded at the Living Room in Algiers, Louisiana.


released May 29, 2012



all rights reserved


Chapel Blues New Orleans, Louisiana

Chapel Blues blends the rhythm of New Orleans funk and blues with Americana into a sound we call "outlaw funk."

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Track Name: Snake Eyes
Just one more breath
Of an black oil night
Cherish the burning stars
Until the birds alight
Gonna shoot the moon, gonna shoot the moon

Pale white sunrise
And clouds like lead
Pull back the hammer
Snake eyes ahead
Gonna shoot the moon, gonna shoot the moon, gonna shoot the moon…


If you wanna win, there only two ways to go
You can burn the bad hearts, or you can set them aglow
And if you wanna be, free of fallacy
Throw down your high cards, wait and see

Now the veil has lifted
There’s an empty throne
Fortune smiled upon us
Took a prophet home

Track Name: Out of All the Stars
Out of all the stars
Shining in the night
You burn bright
Hotter than that fire light

Everywhere I go
I find dreams as pure as snow
Grains of sand in the unknown
Full of love that’s hard as stone

Ten thousand feet below my boots
Months without a room
Singing duets with the moon
You are my needle and my spoon


I hit the highways full of trash as I come down
Pressure building til the cracks cover my crown
Exalted thoughts break to pieces in my mind
Comic visions for the dead and the divine

Chained to that stroke of time
Graced by the sun’s design
Days pass without a sound
and flowers paint the ground

Storms clouds come and go
In the heavens high and low
Add color to my soul
Brightly ringing with your love


Out of all the stars
Shining in the night
You burn bright
Hotter than that fire light
Track Name: Bed of Roses
Grew up where the stars fell down like rain, pouring rain
And we would bask in the nighttimes calm, enjoying ourselves in the day
But time passed on, necessity’s game, drifted away didn’t feel the same
And now I watch the nighttime fall in an orange milky glow


Don’t make me, bed of roses in the sky, lord when I die, lord when I die
Lord carry me, to the mountains, lakes and rivers, to the sea, that’s all I need
All I need

My love she was good to me, her beauty the stars, and her love the sea
And we would sit and sip sweet wine, as god cried smog and rain
But time passed, and our love died, I drunkenly roamed the streets at night
That wave crested for twenty years, and overflowed the sewer


Now I wait for the passage of years, another bitter fall to taste
Greenery fading to gold and brown, all I ever do is wait
But soon enough, I will be off, with the sun on the morning dew
The stars stood up, and the sky it roared, there was nothing at all that we could do