Chapel Blues EP

by Chapel Blues

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Recorded to tape May 2013 at The Living Room Studio in Algiers, Louisiana
All songs by Buck Townsend


released October 8, 2013

Buck Townsend: guitar, vocals
Arien Hall: violin, vocals
Benjo Walters: bass
Benjamin Siebert: bass on Chapel of the Blues
James Clark: percussion



all rights reserved


Chapel Blues New Orleans, Louisiana

Chapel Blues blends the rhythm of New Orleans funk and blues with Americana into a sound we call "outlaw funk."

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Track Name: Six Miles
Water rising south of Plaquemine
Hole in the levy six miles wide
Hurricane don’t tell no lies
Big oaks falling like toothpicks in the wind
White swords of lightning ring in the dawn
Nothing gonna change this is where you belong

Sparks flying down that telephone line
Gotta tell someone that you don’t mind dying
Can’t wash the soul out of these eyes
Hang on tight, my love

Night falling; throw down what you got
That saving grace is a cruel master with a bitter after taste
Ain't no need to apologize, no call for prayer
But riddle me this: why do you care
Cause even in the darkest skies, a lonely sun still shines
And the hurricane don’t tell no lies

Track Name: Chapel of the Blues
Used to have some loving
With my wine
Used to have some money
Spend it all the time
Used to have some friends
In my daydream
Lost up in the clouds
Where the angels carry me
Born with a passion
That keeps me blue
Used to have some loving
To see me through

Wise men pay their dues
Crossroads please be true
Ain't no place for fools
In the chapel of the blues

Please lord hear the call
Give me love
Turn my heart to sunshine
Fire from above
Let her feel
All I know
Let me praise the highway
Don’t ever fall below
Born with a passion
That keeps me blue
Used to have some loving
To see me through
Track Name: Gasoline
Tom grew up huffing gasoline
Now he’s the law man over me
But a fearful soul is never free
He found himself in jail

Tom got out, went to another state
Turned his pride into his fate
And now he guards the pearly gates
Empty as the sky

Three dark crosses burning in the night
Those country boys throw a hell of a fight
Everything’s crooked but love and the grave
I’m gonna be an honest man someday

Tom had a sister, her name was Jane
Tough as nails, and soft as rain
Fell in love with cocaine
Til’ a polo boy gave her a ring
But she never did feel the same
She found herself alone


Years flow by and the love turns cold
Every crown weighs more than gold
Rinse off the dirt and forsake a name
But you can’t forget that southern thing
That whimsical beast with musical wings
Every man a sinner, every man a king
Pain makes the angels sing
Down in the third world
Track Name: Starlit
I need money and I need it quick
Fire burning; only got one wick
Pretty things are only half of it
I’ll be the cherry of your cigarette
If you keep my dreams starlit

City lights have burned a hole
In the back of my country soul
Now I crave what I used to loathe
All except for you


You come round and my breath gets hot
I take you down, only takes one shot
It’s what you feel, and not what you got
But I got everything you need


The emptiness never goes away
The more you know, the less you say
But I was hoping that you could stay
Watch me fade away